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The Lucky Southern - If I Knew (2002)

  1. Little Sister   
  2. Six Feet Down   
  3. Nicotine Princess   
  4. Good Morning Wood   
  5. Witch Poison   
  6. Whist   
  7. Gravitate   
  8. Guanacaste   
  9. Soulrise   
About This:

Lucky Southern is a jam band formed from the four corners of the country, but currently residing in New England. Their first release, "If I Knew", flows from funky grooves to country to rock to soul, while staying true to the band's songwriting and improvisational roots. For more info check out

Lucky Southern is:

Gordy Quist: guitar, vocals
Damien Roomets: bass, vocals
Trevor Nealon: piano, organ, rhodes, vocals
Fred Carleton: drums