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Broken Heart String

I can't sleep, I can't rise, I can't sing, I don't rhyme
I can't find any light to see
So I drink a cup, I like it black to wake up
And the sun pours in on me

A broken hearts sings
I can hear it beating
But I just can't seem to stay in tune
I heard you once say
If you watch a child play
You'll see the only love that's true

It's hard, I know, to love and let go
And your heart's torn apart anyway
At the end of the day when the sun starts to fade
And I'm cold and alone, and true

A broken heart string
I can't stop the bleeding
And I just can't feel anything but blue
I heard you once say
You may not love me one day
Can I take it back for something new

It's time you know, for me to go
I'm gonna fill up my cup for the road
I've got a book in my hand, had a rock'n roll band
I can't ask for much more you know

A broken heart brings
A time for healing
But I just can't get it back to new
I heard you once say
To where does love fade
Does it disappear with the morning dew