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Bitter Tears

Bitter tears Hannah cries out loud
She wants to be saved but she's got her doubts
'cause nothing's free
Sunlight falls on her downcast face
Revealing lines of someone twice her age, but that's ok

She said her feelings for me had gone
'Cause I couldn't give her everything that she wanted
So she left to find a millionaire
But marrying rich is gonna rape her where, she lays

"This diamond ring", she said, "ain't the one I need"
So she's leaving home again
Cause it ain't what it used to be

Every morning she drinks her tea
She don't drink coffee, still reminds her of me
On the road you know she lost her mind
But medication's gonna help her find, some peace
She moved to Houston from San Antone
Found a man who treats her right, but only when he's home
On the road you know he's got his needs
He pays for a lover but he don't know how she bleeds

"This diamond ring", she said, "ain't the one I need"
So she's leaving town again
But she ain't who she used to be

Three years passed and she's come back home
I took a drink as she dialed the phone, and she asked for me
She says she knows what's she's looking for
Could I hold her in my arms just one time more,
it's what she needs
"Those diamond ring", she said, "ain't the one I need"
She wants my love again
But I ain't who I used to be