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Green and Blue

I remember last September when i stumpled into town
My boots and strings a tumbling all around
Fumbling for the words to turn a song in silver hues
I was living then without you Green and Blue

Once I tried to kiss you on your softly spoken lips
But you turned your head away so shy I missed
I´ll take one on the check if that´s the best a boy can do
And I´ll hide my pride from bruising Green and Blue

Fall to Winter, Spring to bring magnolias on the wind
Summer turnes to falling leafes again
Iris like a diamond glow below a midnight moon
Your eyes and mine were shining Green and Blue

The gras beneath my rambling feet grows tall into the sky
Like barricades across the open miles
While I´m chasing down lost highway towns my thoughts remain with you
Streching out across the Green and Blue

„Awake my legs“ my heart did sound
„Don´t you know where you´re traveling to ?“
It calls me back with every pound
And I can´t wait another without you

My suitcase in my lether hands I´ll roll on back to town
I hang my boots and lay my strings unwound
Deeper than a shade of blood, my love runs deep for you
Coursing through my veins Green and Blue

The Hands upon a clock a keeping time upon a drum
The minutes chase the hours ´til their one
As I get silver lined and weary I´ll do it holding you
If not forever I´ll be Green and Blue
If not forever I´ll be Green and Blue